intro to Soul-Full Sunday!

S O U L – F U L L    S U N D A Y

W h a t  i s  i t ?

Hey Castle-Cavers! WELCOME to Soul-full Sunday!

A day to make your Soul- FULL!

It’s so important that we take some time for ourselves in this busy life and re-connect with our core self. Now i don’t necessarily mean crossing your legs behind your head and meditating all day (unless that works for you of course), It really can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to sit and breathe, or even reflect over the week that has passed.

Finding something that fills your soul and helps you connect to your core self each Sunday will be different for everyone. Be open to exploring new ways of being Soul-Full, but also be kind to yourself and understand it’s okay if there is something that works better for you than another.



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