Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Castle Cave Project and join me on this Thought-Full Living adventure! It is so exciting to finally be able to welcome you all. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the about page – and the part where I mention that unfortunately there will be no castle or cave building here.. (for now at least), let me give you a brief overview of what this project is all about. 

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After deciding to undertake some thoughtful changes in my own life, I quickly learnt that there are others out there who don’t actually know how, or find it difficult to be thoughtful and make positive changes in their own lives. And of course, I wanted to help them! (and by them, I mean you.) So here I am, starting this project to create a space for a community of people who want to make a positive lifestyle change/ difference in the world and ultimately plant the seed for ‘living your most thoughtful life’.

The New Year has come and gone, resolutions have well and truly been made and forgotten about (you know.. the ones we all make and break in the first few weeks, if not days?). It’s time now to either stick your head back in the sand, do the obligatory 9-5 grind and watch life pass you by, or if you are someone who has a desire to make a positive change in the world and you want to do it in a way that is insightful, inspirational, yet fun and easy going – get on board, sign-up for the latest content and tools, and begin this journey of learning, inspiring each other, creating positive change and challenging yourself along with the rest of us Castle-Cavers

Each month on the Castle Cave Project there will be a new topic discussed and explored. Not only is the project designed to get us all to think a little more in depth about different things, but it’s also designed to inspire you and give you the tools to take the steps that will ultimately lead you to live your most thoughtful life.

I do hope you stumbled upon the Castle Cave Project perhaps by chance, but happily stuck around because you can also see the thoughtful living vision and are now just as excited to live a more thoughtful life!

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